Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 stunning islands in the Andaman Sea, has been overlooked in favour of its more raucous and commercial neighbours, the islands of Southern Thailand. On the upside, this makes it something of a hidden gem – something that’s getting rarer as busloads of tourists make their way to more and more remote parts of the world.


Rainforest-clad Langkawi Island (the heart of life in the archipelago) is a hop and skip away from Kuala Lumpur, the glittering capital of Malaysia. A mere one-hour flight from the bustling city of the imposing Petronas Towers, and you’re in a magical land of ancient jungles, pristine beaches, shimmering rice fields, and crystal-clear seas.


If you’re wondering where to go next, I honestly can’t recommend this enchanting island strongly enough. And Vogue agrees with me! In its just-released list of the 10 hottest travel destinations of 2017, Langkawi comes in at No. 3. Travel experts predict that this undiscovered paradise in Malaysia is “about to put the country on the travel map”.


It’s awesome to see Langkawi making its presence felt on the world travel stage. When we moved here last year, many of our friends and acquaintances weren’t even sure where it was located! (“Hmmm….is that somewhere in….Asia?”) If you’re a traveller in search of a holiday destination that’s off the beaten path, then this lush island definitely deserves a place on your bucket list for 2017.