The SkyCab and SkyBridge comprise one of my favourite outings in Langkawi – definitely worth at least one visit for tourists, and a repeat excursion for residents. The flavour of your experience changes entirely depending on the weather. If you set out on a hot, sunny day, the journey to the top brings a welcome drop in temperature, whereas if you venture there on a cool, overcast day…hello, clouds! However, if it’s raining heavily, wait for the weather to clear up as you won’t be able to walk out on the SkyBridge without getting drenched and, even then, you won’t be able to see anything at all.


The Base Station lies in the Oriental Village Complex, located in the northwest part of the island. The cable car travels up the lush Machincang Mountain, covering a distance of 1700 metres. The official website tells us that this is the longest free-span cable car in the world. I’m not sure if this is true, but it is definitely an amazing experience, rising higher and higher, caressed by cool breezes as you hover above ancient rainforests.Along the way, you halt at the Middle Station for a quick looksie: head out to the viewing platform for panoramic views of ocean and jungle. Then get back into your air-gondola for the last leg of the cable car journey. Next up: Top Station, which is perched 708 metres above sea level.

From here, you make your way to the SkyBridge (MYR 5 per ticket). There are two ways to get there: 1) by SkyGlide, an elevator that takes you directly to the walkway, or 2) via a jungle trail, which is interesting for nature-lovers but also steep and quite challenging. If you have trouble climbing up high steps or tire quickly, opt for the SkyGlide – the extra MYR 10 is well worth it!

Walking across the SkyBridge itself is an amazing experience. A true marvel of imagination and engineering, the curved structure connects two high points of the mountain. As you walk across the bridge, take is the magnificent vistas and enjoy the feeling of being on top of the world! Those who have mild vertigo (like myself) might find it terrifying to walk across the first time, but the second time is considerably easier – and very enjoyable.



  • The Oriental Village Complex, where the Langkawi SkyCab is located, is about 15 minutes from the airport and 35 minutes from Kuah.
  • Don’t bother buying a fast-track pass unless you’re going in peak tourist season – we’ve never waited more than 5-7 minutes at any point in the journey.
  • A regular cable car ticket is MYR 45 (approx. USD 10), and includes/can be combined with other attractions in the complex.
  • Check out the SkyDome, SkyRex and 6D Cinemotion if you like immersive, 3D experiences or if you’re traveling as a family with children.
  • Don’t plan on having a meal here – the food inside is overpriced and not delicious enough to warrant the high cost. Langkawi offers far better options!
  • The SkyBridge is not recommended for those who have serious vertigo.