Tourist guides and websites may mention it in a line or two, but you have to talk to a local Langkawian to get a sense of how awesome Wonderland really is. A few words of caution: if you have OCD when it comes to germs, cleanliness, organisation and so on, then steer clear! Wonderland Food Store is not for the fussy and/or snobbish. This place is as local as it gets, with plastic chairs and tables, noisy chaos and a rather – shall we say flexible? – approach to hygiene.

That said, I have never fallen sick after eating there – and neither has anyone else I know. Based on my personal experience as well as its popularity with the island’s residents, I have no hesitation recommending this fine establishment to all my visitors! In fact, it’s a top choice whenever we want to take out our colleagues or friends out for dinner, because the food appeals to pretty much everyone’s palates – no matter what their nationality may be.

The cuisine can be classified as Chinese, with a hint of Malaysian: it’s an interesting, flavourful mix of  ingredients and cooking styles. Seafood lovers will find themselves spoiled for choice, with the menu featuring all kinds of offerings from the ocean. My top recommendations include the flower crab (fresh, generous amounts of meat, sweet flesh), fish (ask the staff for their reco of the day), chicken in black pepper sauce (yummy with fried rice), cornflakes chicken (a Malaysian fave), and stir-fried kailan (for your daily dose of veggie!).

Along with the consistently good food, you’ll also enjoy local prices – yay! A meal for two costs MYR 45-70 (USD 10-15), based on the size of your appetite and whether you’ve having seafood/alcohol. Opt for meats or veggies and your bill will be even less. (There are enough vegetarian options for those who don’t eat meat.)

Wonderland Food Store is located in Kuah, about 30 minutes away from both Pantai Cenang and Tanjung Rhu Beach. If you’re in the neighbourhood around dinnertime, it’s definitely worth having a meal here. (The only time I’d avoid it is if it’s raining heavily, although locals still flock there! I find it slightly uncomfortable to sit outdoors when its really wet outside.)

The cover photo is from Murmurs from the Heart blog, by the way. Thanks to all the delicious smells, I’m always ravenous by the time my food arrives – and can never manage to get a decent picture! Either I forget to click altogether, or the pics turn out blurry because I’m in such a hurry – hahahah.

  • Hours: 6-11 pm (open for dinner only)
  • Address: 179-181, Persiaran Mutiara 2, Pusat Perdagangan Kelana Mas, Kuah
  • Meal for two: approx. MYR 60